Friday, 6 August 2010

The September Issue, and a new love

As Candy Pratts Price, Executive Fashion Director of American Vogue says in the film 'The September Issue': "September is the January of fashion."

Most magazines' September editions come out at the beginning of August when most of us are still waiting hopefully (and praying desperately) for some sort of summer to arrive, yet the September issue is all about change, and notably the arrival of autumn. It is almost as though come the beginning of August the fashion industry give up on summer and look forward instead to the autumn and winter of upheaval to come. Because the transition from spring/summer to autumn/winter trends is usually a drastic one.

Therefore if September is like New Year in the fashion world, then the September issue should be all about celebration. A splendid celebration of fashion; the bulkiest copy of the year, ram-packed with juicy photoshoots and new advertising campaigns, and with a 'frame it and put it on the wall' worthy cover... These are the things I wait for all year and the things that make the early August trip to the newsagent one of anticipation and excitement.

Usually I head straight to Vogue and begin flicking greedily through the pages, blind to the allure of other magazines. However, this year a new contender won my heart. And how did it do it? With a heart of course. A heart of models dressed in pink and red to be precise.

This month Elle stole the show. Perhaps the front cover of the main magazine may not have been that inspiring (Emily Blunt in black lace) but the photo-shoots inside and 'The Runway Edit' supplement made up for (and greatly improved upon) the initial impression.

I particularly love Elle's Runway Edit. Not only does it provide a cohesive and beautifully edited summary of next season's trends, but it captures the thrill of the catwalk and all the things I love most about fashion. And you just need to look at the cover. A love heart of models - now that's what I call a true celebration of fashion.
And inside the main magazine...

I think photo-shoots should tell a story, and what I love about this month's Elle is how good the stories are. Be it one of classic style, femininity or sleek modernity - these are stories I want to read and clothes I want to wear.

I hate to say it, but this month's Vogue was a disappointment. I know, I can't quite believe I said that either. Vogue is my Bible, and my Vogue collection is probably the first possession I would go to rescue in a fire, so I'm not usually one to criticise. But I couldn't help but feel a little... underwhelmed. Kate Moss on the cover? (For the second September issue in a row) I know she is supposed to be THE embodiment of style, and I'm sure her face sells magazines, but it does seem a disappointingly unoriginal image to cover the issue I have waited all year for.

Of course, Vogue is always slick and always beautiful. And of course the clothes are fabulous. And I know the theme was 'Minimal Chic' and that there is a more demure, practical vibe coming in for autumn, but I couldn't help asking myself - where is the magic?

Nonetheless this is still Vogue and there were still images that I loved. My favourites are below...

The Ultimate September Issue

I was looking through my Vogue collection, and pulled out my favourite ever September Issue. September 2007: A cover that makes my mouth-water and 'the new look' photo-shoot which remains one of my favourites. Simple, yes - but then why improve on perfection?

So Elle may be a new love, but Vogue remains my oldest. And deepest.


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