Monday, 9 August 2010

It's an Animal World

Something is afoot in fashion. Or perhaps I should say apaw, or ahoof, because it seems the animal kingdom has conquered the world of fashion. Be it jewellery or t-shirts, your favourite animals are the only things to be wearing right now. And no, I'm not talking about fur... (no animals were harmed in the making of this trend) this is about celebrating our furry friends, not skinning them.

Instead, opt for animal imagery on everything from rings to bracelets. The cuter and kitscher the better. One of my favourite bracelets is this sparkly panda from Butler & Wilson. Its quirkiness makes me smile, and when we go out he always gets a compliment. Only problem is I love him so much that I'm tempted to buy him some friends for company, and have a whole army of animals jangling up my arm. Nothing like embracing a trend...

Alex Monroe is to thank for this animal obsession... when he puts tiny creatures on his necklaces you know it won't be long before the highstreet picks up on it and a trend is born. I love the highstreet versions, and they are certainly more purse-friendly, but if there is still nothing quite like the delicate gold of an Alex Monroe necklace.

Alex Monroe Hummingbird Necklace, £120
This charming owl necklace reminds me of one of my favourite childhood books, "I want my mummy" which was about baby owls. This necklace is just as cute.

Alex Monroe Owl Necklace, £174
My favourite has to be this gold bumblebee that is as sweet as honey.

Alex Monroe Bumblebee Necklace, from £135

I suppose a girl can dream, but at least there are plenty of affordable options on the highstreet until that Alex Monroe necklace finds its way into my life... :)
Flutterby Butterfly... Butterfly studs £9 Miss Selfridge
Swallow earrings £3.50 Miss Selfridge
Owl studs £3.50 Miss Selfridge
Make a buzz... Bee necklace £8 This Charming Girl
Whale necklace £9 This Charming Girl
Stag necklace £8 This Charming Girl
Say Grrrrr... Bear necklace £7.50 This Charming Girl
Butterfly pendant £3 Miss Selfridge
Butterfly ring £6 Topshop
Bug ring £8 Topshop
Eagle ring £10 Topshop
Stag ring £12.50 Topshop
Bear ring £10 Topshop
Glittery duck ring £20 Topshop
This bunny ring has to be my favourite. Cute? Yes. Kitsch? Yes. Bunny? - YES YES YES!

Bunny ring £4 Accessorize

Owl ring £20 Accessorize
It's magic... Bunny in a hat ring £7 Accessorize

As delicate and demure as Alex Monroe's necklaces are, Butler & Wilson is wacky. With colourful jewels to make your mouth water and enough sparkle to make the crown jewels look dull, this is jewellery to make a statement. And a fabulously fun one at that.
Monkey brooch £38 Butler & Wilson
The Prince of Frogs... Frog brooch £28 Butler & Wilson
Leopard brooch £28 Butler & Wilson
Panda brooch £28 Butler & Wilson
Owl brooch £28 Butler & Wilson
Peacock brooch £48 Butler & Wilson
Patriotic Lion brooch £48 Butler & Wilson
Dolphin brooch £38 Butler & Wilson
Panda earrings £48 Butler & Wilson
I'm late, I'm late... Rabbit t-shirt £10 ASOS
Wise Owl t-shirt £12.99 New Look
Panda t-shirt £9.99 New Look
Looking foxy... T-shirt, £20 Tee and Cake and Topshop

So take your pick, and welcome to the animal kingdom.


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  1. I must have that fox Topshop tshirt! and perhaps the duck ring too >.<
    great blog, from Peri xxxxxx