Thursday, 12 November 2009


Anna wasn't at school on Wednesday, so here is today's outfit. Before I even said hello my camera was out and I was leaping towards her with an 'AHIloveyourcoatwheredidyougetitfrom?!" She said that everyone had been asking her, and that she was embarrassed to say it was from New Look. She shouldn't be embarrassed at all. I think it is satisfying to hear "Really?" when saying where you bought your outfit. It's like you've got one up on label loving glamazons. Ha, I look great and it didn't cost me my year's wages.

Saying that, Anna told me that her All Saints cardigan was more expensive than the coat. For as long as I have known her I have known she loves All Saints, and I can see why. Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more to get such a different cut and shape.

The leopard print pumps finish this outfit off nicely, and it probably won't surprise you that I heartily approve of the raspberry tights!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Tuesday brings a cool checked stripey combo. And those boots (of course).

A little bit more about Anna:

We organised a fashion show together in February; she designed and made a whole collection whilst I gathered clothes from local businesses and charity shops and pulled in students and (entertainingly) teachers to model. It was amazing to see her designs spring to life from the early sketches, to piles of her chosen fabric, to designs pinned together on mannequins and then adjusted during the models' fittings. When I saw the final outfits on the catwalk I was not the only one to be thoroughly impressed. But she did not stop there, ooh no; on Friday I am going to her second fashion show, to see her second collection. I can't wait.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A week in the life of Anna Kendall - Monday

This week I am following Anna's sartorial choices to see a week in the life of her wonderful wardrobe. 


I think the boots are worthy of a post in themselves. The battered brown leather numbers have been a sell out at River Island. I love their vintage feel; they look as though they have been battered by life and love. In a way they say 'I don't care' but they also can't help but make the wearer look oh so stylish. One of my friends excitedly informed Anna today that she had seen them featured in a magazine. Praise indeed. I love the scarf too; Anna is in to her scarves, and I think they can make an outfit, in the same laid back way as the leather boots.