Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Back to School Chic

September is on the horizon, and September means one thing and one thing only. Ties coming out of hiding, new pleated skirts, shiny black shoes, the smell of crisp clean paper in new books, freshly sharpened pencils, clean rubber-soled plimsolls and leather satchels... Yes, it's time to go back to school.

Luckily for me this is the first year in which, come September, I won't be trudging back up the school drive. No, it's off to university for me thank goodness. However as the rain tumbles down outside, signaling summer drawing to its inevitable end, I can't help but reminisce. Now it is with a certain nostalgia that I think back to the excitement of a new school year and the feel of a brand new school uniform (probably several sizes too big), and I find myself yearning for long socks, a pinafore and a rucksack. And, of course, a cherry red duffle coat.

Isn't it funny how things seem so much more appealing when they are gone and you are merely remembering them. Summers seem longer and hotter, skies appear bluer. And the back to school look suddenly seems covetably chic.
For the ultimate in school-girl style, choose a handmade leather satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company, opting for a Crayola shade for added childish chic.

Leather satchels from £66, The Cambridge Satchel Company

And if you've managed to get access to Daddy's credit card... This rainbow-coloured satchel from Orla Kiely is gorgeous but certainly not pocket-money friendly...

Stem print satchel £260 Orla Kiely at Asos
Leather satchel £65 Asos
Tan leather satchel £70 Asos
Canvas satchel £28 Asos
Every diligent student needs a sturdy book bag. Go personal and have the letter of your name adorning yours.

Letter book bag £14 Urban Outfitters
Post-pox red satchel £46 Urban Outfitters
Tan leather satchel £46 Urban Outfitters
Patriotic rucksack £38 Urban Outfitters
You can't go wrong with an old school rucksack. Just make sure there's a pocket for your pencil case and lunch box...

Canvas rucksack £58 Urban Outfitters
Vintage style leather doctor's case £120 Urban Outfitters
Back to school means investing in a good sturdy coat to see you through the winter. You can always trust a duffle coat.

Hooded duffle coat £80 Topshop
And here's that cherry red coat I was talking about...

Red duffle coat £50 Miss Selfridge
Blazers used to be the bane of my life. For several years I had to wear a badly fitting navy one that would stifle in summer and leave me shivering in winter. However, now that my days of enforced blazer wearing are long since over a jacket seems oh-so tempting...

Black blazer £65 Topshop
Old school striped blazer £79 Jack Wills
And don't forget to pin these badges to your blazer...

Badges £3.95 each Bloombsbury

Pretty pleated pinafore £60 Topshop
Dress £42.90 Mango
Peter pan collar dress £45 Miss Selfridge
Get all nostalgic about gym class in this simple black drawstring dress

Dress £19.99 River Island
It's all in the pleats...

Skirt £40 Warehouse

Lace frill socks £5 Urban Outfitters
Make the team in these old school sport socks

Stripe sport socks £6 Asos
Grey knee socks £4 Asos
Knee high ribbon socks £7 Topshop
Stripe and spot ankle socks £3 Topshop

So you may not be going back to school this September, but that doesn't mean to say you can't wear the uniform.


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  1. Ooooo...I love your taste! Lovin' the satchels (and thanks for the bargain tip-off - the Cambridge Satchel ones are much more expensive on the Pedlar's website) and I'm seriously considering the Mango dress, although I can't live without pockets. Great post!