Wednesday, 25 August 2010

At long last...

At long last it has arrived... Gap and Banana Republic have finally caught up and gone online. About blooming time is all I can say.

The days of heading down to the local high street for all your shopping needs are well behind us, but if the high street is in demise then this is the age of the internet. For me nothing will ever quite beat the true shopping experience, however there is an undeniable ease and accessibility to the internet. In terms of sales it opens up vast new possibilities. Shoppers can buy 24 hours a day (and with the rise of iphones and constant internet access this really does mean 24 hours a day) and from anywhere in the world. Therefore it seems incomprehensible why any retail business (not to mention a high street giant like Gap) should allow themselves to miss out for so long.

Financial benefits for the business aside, it just seems plain bizarre not to be online. This is the 21st century, and internet usage is simply a way of everyday life. To resist the web in today's world is not only pointless, but extremely outdated.

As a country girl with her nearest Gap store about 50 minutes away (not for long however, as I'll soon be living in London thank goodness) it is a relief to now be able to get my hands on the cool basics of Gap and Banana Republic at the click of a few buttons. These are brands that just get it right - classic style, simple and useful basics and well made styles that stand the test of time. Thank goodness, therefore, that they have now finally got it right with their online store. Now just for H&M and Zara to follow suit next month...


Trench Coat £79.50 Gap
Classic boyfriend shirt £32.50 Gap
Love your city tee £18.50 Gap
Gap London tee £15 Gap
Stripey sleeveless cardigan £39.50 Gap
Blazer £110 Banana Republic
Silk tuxedo shirt £65 Banana Republic
Leopard print cardigan £49.50 Banana Republic
Leopard print blouse £55 Banana Republic
Black wrap dress £75 Banana Republic
Black sheath dress £85 Banana Republic

LBD £130 Banana Republic

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