Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Read and Weep

I love reading. And I love fashion. So fashion you can read seems a winning combination. Some well chosen words can turn you from your average t-shirt wearer into 'Quirky', 'Cool', 'Romantic' or 'Part of the band'. However, choose with caution - a few years ago in Topshop I saw a t-shirt that read 'Do I make you feel fat?'. I secretly loved it, but decided no one should ever actually wear it, unless they wanted to have people (including me) throwing celery sticks at them. But that doesn't mean to say that your t-shirt can't be risqué. There's feisty confidence with a sense of humour (good) and then there's right out bitchiness (bad).

If you want to be really cool then combine the loud message emblazoned across your chest with an air of mystery and aloof silence. Reading a foreign newspaper or obscure novel will help. Then drift around in a nonchalant way and let the t-shirt do the talking.

('Do you read me?' T-shirt dress, £7.99 Uniqlo)
('Take a picture it'll last longer' vest, Truly Maddly Deeply at Urban Outfitters, £25)
('Look at me' sequin vest, Miss Selfridge, £16)
('Fan club Anna Wintour' t-shirt, Naco Paris at Urban Outfitters, £24.99)

Who could fail to have a good day with a pink smiley face on their chest? With hearts for eyes.
('Good Day' t-shirt, Wildfox at ASOS, £60)
('Love solves everything' t-shirt, Gap at ASOS, £16.50)

Because love letters on paper are SO 18th Century.
(Love letter t-shirt, Wrangler at ASOS, £25)
P.S But only if you're Ewan McGregor / a Ewan McGregor lookalike / not actually a Ewan McGregor lookalike but still pretty cute.
('Kiss me' t-shirt, Topshop, £18)
('Love' top, Illustrated People at Topshop, £30)
(Maxi dress, Topshop, £15)
('I will share my secret' t-shirt dress, Uniqlo, £7.99)
('Keep calm and carry on' t-shirt, £9.99)
('We are in this together' t-shirt, Gap at ASOS, £16.50)
Yes, do.
('Love one another' t-shirt, Urban Outfitters, £9.99)

Is anyone going to break it to her that she's not actually in Miami? Well, her t-shirt's got a flamingo on it and she looks cool so it doesn't matter.
('Je suis a Miami' t-shirt, Altru at Urban Outfitters, £13.99)
Well, not you - YOU.
('I love you' jumper, Illustrated People at Topshop, £30)

('Free' vest, One Teaspoon at Urban Outfitters, £40)
This comes with a health warning: be prepared to have depressed singletons glaring / throwing things at you whilst wearing this t-shirt. But it's sweet anyway.
('I'm in love' t-shirt, Wildfox at Urban Outfitter's, £60)
If Uniqlo's predictions are indeed correct, then I am most definitely a child. And always will be.
(black t-shirt dress, Uniqlo, £7.99)
A cool take on the I <3 NY t-shirt, for the musicians / groupies amongst you.
('I love viNYl' t-shirt, ASOS, £16)

And for a more subtle version of the 'read me' trend, opt for a slogan necklace instead.
('Aloha' pendant, Accessorize, £6)
('Kiss me quick' necklace, Topshop, £12.50)
(Sourcherry, £5)

Read and weep.


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