Tuesday, 1 June 2010

There are so many talented people out there who spend their lives quietly creating beautiful things, yet their efforts are often trampled by the stomping feet of high street giants. However much we all love Topshop and H&M for stocking our wardrobes, fashion doesn't end there. Buying something handmade means getting something much more personal and unique, therefore much more desirable in my opinion. Shopping at smaller outlets means helping the little people, and as a little person myself I think that's something we should be whole-heartedly encouraging.

So enough of high street giants for today... I spent this afternoon trawling through the website 'Folksy' a selling platform for handmade goods from homeware to jewellery. I was overwhelmed how much exciting stuff there was and also how reasonably priced everything seemed. Folksy proves it is possible to get something that is orginal AND affordable.

These are some of my favourites I discovered along the way:

Laura's Jewellery

I particularly like Laura's Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery and the kitsch feel to her designs.

Bits and Badges

These are lego cufflinks, and I think they are unbelievably cool. This is the only time I will ever say this, but I wish I was a man right now just so I could wear these.
Everyone needs a heart shaped necklace in my opinion, but if you want something completely original then this necklace is perfect. It is so cute and quirky, I love it.
These vintage look buttons are actually stud earrings. Great for every time a military trend pops its head again.
Daisies are possibly my favourite flowers, so I couldn't help but love these stud earrings.

Lucky Bird
The other day I was buying supplies for a picnic in co-op and decided to purchase a 'Bag for Life'. Said 'Bag for Life', FYI is not a bag for life. It didn't last the journey home before the handles had nearly broken. Perhaps I had overfilled it, but next time I think I'll opt for one of these sturdy bags made from coffee sacks instead. Recycling: check, avoiding using plastic bags: check, eco-princess: check.

I also love these foil etched cards, particularly the cute bunny one (of course).

Helena Carrington
Bold and colourful, this campavan cushion would make a vibrant contribution to any sofa. I also love the camping versions below with french phrases printed across the tent design.
Taking over from slogan t-shirts seems to be the slogan necklace, and one of the favourite words to wear around your neck has got to be 'Love'. Make the message clear with this red acrylic necklace from CherryLoco.
This pink cupcake necklace is almost scarily realistic.
If rain gets you down, cheer yourself up with these smiley cloud earrings. You'll never curse a rain cloud again.
Mmm... These cake rings bring a whole new meaning to the term 'finger food'.

Go for Geek Chic with this bright green T-Rex necklace. Great for budding paleontologists amongst you, or just those with a good sense of humour.


These are a range of fabulously impractical knitted and felted goodies. I have yet to come up with a single reason why someone would need a set of felt macaroons, but then who said everything in life had to be practical?
I think macaroons are possibly the prettiest food around. I love the colours so much that they inspired my entire A2 art exam. Well, they say inspiration can come from anywhere after all...
Yes, this is a box full of fabric sushi. I think the world has just become a slightly better place now I know that there is someone out there who crochets and felts sushi. I love you.
The only problem with giving someone a cake is that they have to eat it eventually. In another life I would quite fancy becoming a professional cake decorator (this would be based on lots of training and not my current baking skills), but I couldn't stand the heartbreak. How could someone possibly EAT that cupid you have just made out of icing for that wedding cake that truly is the most beautiful edible item ever made? Therefore this fabric cake seems a much better idea. You can personalise it, and they can keep it for ever. Just don't let them try eating it.

A box of knitted biscuits and my heart is glad.


My ipod currently lives inside a sock. I'm not talking about a £20 ipod sock, I mean an actual sock. It is stripey. It stops my ipod getting scratched. However I have now found an alternative that is much more fun. My ipod can now live inside the Tardis. Or a £20 note. Or a red telephone box. The only issue now is... which one?


I'm a sucker for anything cute, and 'MishaMakes' jewellery is just about as cute as it gets.
I do. A lot.


This heart shaped slate clock is beautiful.

I love Snowdon's graphic prints, particularly when that print features the word 'Love'. I particularly love the cushion, and think the cupcake fridge magnets are lovely.

Hole in my pocket

And finally... these are russian dolls based on Adam and Eve. There is even a snake doll and an apple doll. I love the simple expressions and the tactfully placed leaves. They are hilarious, and I love them.


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