Friday, 22 January 2010

Rainy Days

As I write this the rain is beating down on my window and sliding as angry tears down the glass. If I look outside I can see huge puddles lurking in the road and a haze of grey in the field beyond. So what better day to talk about umbrellas? Everything looks so sad in the rain, so I have tried to find ones that will make you, and the people you pass in the street, smile. It may be miserable and rainy outside, but that doesn't mean you can't keep dry in style.

The three cityscape umbrellas above (£25 each from brolliesgalore) are my favourite; the black and white looks terribly chic and I love the iconic images. I might just have to go for the Paris version to match my Eiffel Tower jumper. But then the Empire State Building... and Big Ben... decisions decisions! If you like the London theme Cath Kidston do a cute fold up umbrella featuring famous London landmarks.

Very fitting I feel is this umbrella (£22.99 at umbrellaworld) featuring Gustave Caillebotte's painting entitled 'Rainy Days in Paris'. It's strong wooden handle and substantial size makes it sturdy enough for a gusty day too.
I love cherubs, so couldn't help but love this Jean Paul Gaultier umbrella (£99.99 at brollies gallore). A designer umbrella may seem a bit OTT, but if you want to invest in a designer piece it's probably a good choice. If you think how many days it rains in England per year, I'm guessing you'd get much more use out of a designer brolly than a pair of shoes that are too high to wear or a bag you're too afraid to use... non?
I don't think this one needs an explanation. Marilyn Monroe...on an umbrella...£24.99 at umbrella world... sorted.
If you're dreaming of sunnier times this umbrella (£18.49 brollies galore) is perfect. Walk around with your head in the clouds and you'll be so jolly you'll forget it's even raining.
For floral lovers there is lots of choice out there. I love this red folky print Cath Kidston brolly with its sturdy frame and wooden handle. Cute too is the flower and cherry print one below (just £8) - it is meant for children, but if you're small I'm sure you could fit underneath the pretty perspex shelter.

Lulu Guiness has a lovely range of romantic umbrellas and you can get your hands on them from brollies galore. This see-through brolly with its striking red and black rose print is fun and elegant at the same time (£28). I also love the whimsical bird cage below (£28), and if you're feeling in a loved-up mood then why not fall for this perspex brolly (£28) covered in colourful 'I love you's?

Lulu Guiness also has a mini style umbrella for £25; I particularly love the shoe print.

I thought this comic print umbrella was extremely cool (£12 umbrella world). Perhaps comics may be aimed at boys but why not make like Wonder Woman with this brilliant brolly?
And finally I couldn't help mentioning this see-through mac from Topshop (£55). Fabulously risqué but also really practical for keeping dry in a downpour. If I had this mac or any of these brollies... well I'd be just dying to get out and splash in the rain.


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