Sunday, 11 April 2010

Rule Britannia

One of these gorgeous mugs reads 'Proud to be British'. And I really am. Today as the sun was shining and I was walking through beautiful countryside and listening to lambs bleating, I realised how much I love living in England. I want to travel and yearn to live in an appartment in Paris or soak up the rays in Milan, but essentially my heart will always belong here.

To me England is:

London buses, sheep, green fields, Mr. Whippy ice creams by the sea, being shy and polite, picnics, black cabs, pier amusement arcades and donkeys on the beach, sandwiches cut into triangles, tea, everyone getting the flesh out as soon as the clouds break, village fetes, fashion that is experimental and exciting (and at times just plain strange, but we love it for that), roses, rain, ducks, camping in muddy fields, wellington boots, autumns like nowhere else, daffodils and daisies, uncomfortable school uniform and gingham summer dresses, fish and chips, toad in the hole, sunday roasts with family, old castles, the National Trust, Marks and Spencer's, Dorset Apple Cake, scones with cream and jam, bangers and mash...

Mug £4.75 Pedlars
Arrive and leave with a smile courtesy of this cheerful Union jack doormat from Pedlars, an online shop full of vintage finds and homeware that is quintessentially British.

Union jack doormat £17.50 Pedlars
For drying your 'I love London mug': these vintage look Union jack tea towels. Or if household chores aren't your style, attach a dozen of them to the washing line for DIY bunting.

Union jack tea towel £11.50 Pedlars
We British like our tea. So what better way to serve it than from this colourful union jack teapot? And just £8 I'd call that a bargain too.

Union jack teapot £8 Urban Outfitters
Hoolala is an English jewellery brand known for being quirky and staying true to their roots. I love their 'For England and St George' range including this 'Keep Calm and Carry On' ring as well as charm necklaces adorned with iconic postboxes, buses and telephone boxes. Look out as well for their Alice in Wonderland themed range and their jewellery that draws from literary heroes such as Mr. Darcy for inspiration.

'Keep calm and carry on' ring £14 Hoolala
Phone box charm necklace £28 Hoolala
I love vintage-look tin signs and this gloriously patriotic one would make a kitsch contribution to any home. Preferably a kitchen filled with mismatch china and union jack bunting.

Tin sign £6.99 Cloth-ears
I can see this cushion sitting quite happily on my bed. It reminds me of an old friend who told me about using a vintage, tattered union jack flag as a bed spread. It was an ancient family treasure and her and her sister used to take turns having it decorating their bed. I was very jealous.

Union jack cushion £14.99 Cloth-ears

I love baking, but usually prefer cakes to biscuits. I have now found a reason to be converted. These British isles biscuit cutters are truly inspired in my opinion. I love them.

Biscuit cutters £4 each at Refound
At £4.50 a card these may be expensive, but they're still lovely and their intricate design makes them unlike any other card you'll ever give or receive.

Union jack card £4.50 at Refound

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